What To Expect At Your Massage

While the massage experience I provide is both relaxing and therapeutic, having a massage – especially if it’s your first time – can be a little mystifying. To help put you at ease with your massage experience, these are the details you can expect on the day of your massage.

Ready for Your Massage?

Your Massage Experience

  • Upon arrival, simply wait in your vehicle. Call or text to let me know you’ve arrived. I will come to greet you outside.
  • Before entering for your massage, I will give you a brief covid screening and a no-contact temperature assessment at the doorway to the building.
  • After showing you into the room, I will leave briefly to allow you time to undress down to your comfort level.
  • The main oil I use for your massage is Jojoba oil infused with lavender essential oil. Jojoba is closest in composition to your body’s own oils and is hypoallergenic.
  • During your massage, you will be covered by a sheet and a blanket. Only the body part that is being worked on will be undraped.
  • When laying face down, rest your arms wherever they are comfortable. If your arms need to be moved during your massage, I will communicate this with you, and assist as needed.

COVID-19 Measures

During this unprecedented time, I have incorporated several new steps in my practice of massage to encourage our mutual safety and protection.

The Massage Room

  • All surfaces a previous client or myself may have touched will be disinfected: Massage table, face rest and oil and lotion bottles. Openings to oil and lotion bottles are no-contact.
  • The restroom is disinfected after each client use.
  • All massage table linens are freshly changed for each client.
  • I change my apron, shirt, and face mask after each client.
  • A HEPA filter is running at all times.
  • When weather permits between clients, I open both doors leading to the outside; this creates an ideal cross breeze for extra ventilation and airing out.

At Your Massage

  • Hand sanitizer is available for you to apply before beginning your massage.
  • I wash my hands directly before beginning your massage, and promptly after it ends.

Mask Requirements

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory before and after your massage, and when laying face up during your massage.
  • Masks may be removed while laying face down during your massage. There will be a loose pillow case hanging down from the face rest that will act as a loose mask.


  • I currently offer a no penalty cancellation policy. If you have any signs of illness, your appointment must be cancelled; you are welcome to reschedule when you are feeling better.
  • I appreciate as much noticeĀ as possible of cancelling your appointment, but I am currently suspending any fees for last minute cancellations and no-show appointments.
  • If you are a repeat no-show, I may require you to pre-pay before scheduling additional appointments.